The Book Creatives Series

The Book Creatives is a non-fiction series centred on teaching skills and techniques, and providing the tools necessary, to facilitate a career in some aspect of the book scene, such as writing, editing, and publishing, for example.

The first in the series, ‘Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book‘, was born several years before its publication; the idea sat dust-covered and waiting for revival for a total of 7 years. Then, in 2015, the folios were polished, perfected and sent to print. April 24, 2105 was Publication Day, with the book made available through a number of the world’s biggest distributors and retailers.

The second of The Book Creatives series, ‘The Beginners’ Handbook of Professional Copy Editing and Proofreading’, is set for publication on August 24, 2015. This book will teach the key principles underpinning effective editing, with the lessons and teachings geared towards providing aspiring freelance editors with the knowledge and skillset to facilitate a self-employed career.

Again, this book will be made available through some of the world’s leaders in book distribution and retail.


The third book in this series is a work in-progress, with ideas still floating across my writer’s mind. It is hoped 2016 will witness the publication of Book No. 3 in TBC series!

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