The G72 project was an idea that struck suddenly, like a bolt of lightning across a night sky. I remember reading the news, and suddenly it was there; it was one of my first real light-bulb moments. Immediately, I wrote a one-page abstract (adhering to one of my book-writing principles: quickly detailing ideas before they become lost in my hectic mind!), and, suddenly, G72 was born.

This project is unlike anything I have ever considered writing before; nonetheless, I feel it has the potential to leave a deep imprint; dark and scar-like. Even before writing, I feel a book of this genre—a thriller tackling some close-to-the-bone, genuinely worrying phenomena—will leave a bad taste in the mouths of my readers, and quite possibly could become either a loved or hated read. But isn’t that the whole purpose behind writing and making books: to leave an impression, to create something that induces emotions and thoughts, to spark discussion?

Although work has already begun, unfortunately, publication will have to wait: I plan for this to be made available ready for sale in Autumn 2016. These things can’t be rushed!

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