The Colours of Me

Sometimes I feel that my life is passing by in a swirling whirl of colourful chaos, with so many projects, responsibilities and activities to squeeze into my routine that, by the end of the day, when the quiet descends and the house is still and the moon shines down, I feel like I have barely taken a breath in the preceding 24 hours.

The busyness of my life is not a bad thing; it makes for interesting, full-to-the-brim days, and I’m blessed to have so much going on that I am happy and smiling for a million different reasons each and every day.

At the moment, my days are spent tackling a number of different projects. Not only do I have my more-than-full-time roles of copy editor and publisher to fulfil, but I am now also home-schooling my eldest, very bright daughter (also an author herself), marketing and promoting the recently published first book in The Book Creatives series, writing the second book in this same series (to be published August 24, 2015), penning various extracts and segments for my two upcoming fictions (the first of which has me very excited—the AQH project, due for publication in November, 2015; whilst the second is very much in its early stages, and will be available in 2016), completing my author website, making changes to my businesses—oh, and not to forget playing full-time single mummy to two little girls! I’m pretty confident this list is non-exhaustive…!

Nevertheless, all of this (relatively organised) chaos allows me to watch in wonder as loose ends get tied up and projects come to fruition. The excitement induced as a result of the publication of The Book Creatives No. 1 has been overwhelming and humbling. I am so very blessed and so so grateful to be fulfilling my dreams.

A number of twists and turns in my life’s path have brought me to this point; to a point I never would have reached had some of my previously held hopes and dreams become reality. As much as I can’t ever be thankful for the pains and damages inflicted upon me in recent times, it remains that I am now in the very best position to be making the most of the life, opportunities and skills made available to me. I am very much focused on making the very best of what I hold in my heart at this present time. Everything happens for a reason, and there is method in every form of madness. I look forward to watching as the dreams I have for my life—which are so different to those I held even 12 months ago—slowly transform into something more tangible.

Until then, there are pages awaiting decoration!


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