Hayley Paige: An Introduction

My childhood, spilling into my adult life, career, personal mindspace and pleasure time, has been centred on one thing: books. In a spectrum of ways, books have formed the foundation of my life, been at the core of my being, for as long as I can remember.

The happiness, excitement and escapism representative of my childhood took the form of books. My most favourite thing in the whole world was to snuggle into blankets, pull the bookmark out of my latest read, and smile a secret smile, my heart racing in anticipation.

I would fall into a world nobody else could ever reach or explore in exactly the same way.

With time, life changed, I grew, and goals centred on building a career, and as I journeyed down my working path, jumping from one stepping stone to another, the desire to write and become an author whispered silently at the back of my mind. But becoming an author would be near-impossible, a challenge I could never overcome (wouldn’t it?), I reasoned, and so I took to building a career that was more feasible, more sensible in our real world, more fitting for a mother: a career in editing.

Slowly but surely, my career aspirations became reality and, with the establishment and success of two editing businesses as part of my word-oriented portfolio, I once again redirected my attention to books—but, this time, to making them, to helping writers across the globe achieve their dreams of becoming authors. And so, when I was 30 years old, my first publishing house was born.

Almost two years later, my career is fulfilling and everything I could ever want, but, sneakily, the personal dreams I have stored away and hushed into silence have positioned themselves at the forefront of my life’s desires. I have decided to live by the message I communicate to others on a daily basis: life is too short; it’s better to try and fail than to never try; the achievement is in accomplishing your dreams. And as my dream is to become an author, to induce emotions and feelings in readers across the world, to influence someone, to whatever extent, with my ideas and words, and how I shape and create one with the other, I reason it is now time to make the writer side of my heart and soul available to the world—on paper, with ink.

This, here, is a work in-progress: the transformation of a dream into reality. Join me, won’t you?

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